Walk The Talk or Just Talk, talk and talk?

How powerful words are. Perfectly said words could change the whole world with a blink of an eye. Words could change the way someone think, it could hurt someone’s feelings, and it could cheer someone up. How fascinating is it that just by arranging certain number of alphabets could have such significant impact on human’s lives.  And by mistyping or accidentally switching between just two alphabets from its supposed place could bring a whole different meaning.

The ability to talk itself is a blessing let alone the skills to voice out speeches or words of wisdom to inspire others. The right choice of adjectives, the accurate use of idioms or proverbs or the wide-yet-understandable vocabularies all plays a role in changing minds and perceptions, providing inspirations and motivations and affecting feelings and emotions. You don’t have to be a devout worshipper yet people might think you’re a pious preacher, you don’t have to be a leader you already have a legion of followers, you don’t have to start a fight your enemy will surrender much earlier. All of this just because of words.

Undeniably though, words could also do the exact opposite. Wrong choice of words, especially usually during the heat of the moment even if no harm was meant could break a heart more than a knife could cut it into pieces. Normal words if misinterpreted may also lead to calamity. We will never know what will be our last words or how people interpret them. So, why spread bad words, why spread lies, why insult, why hurt others, why talk behind others back? Wouldn’t it be better if people start talking to each other rather than talking about each other? Try making what comes out of our mouth beneficial for us and others so that one day when we die people will say, “What that person said changed my life”.

However, we are only responsible for what we say not what others understand. So despite all the words we’ve said, all those long speeches we gave and all those entries we post on our blogs, does it really picture our true selves? The advices we give to others do we ourselves follow them? Talking might be easy and giving a meaningful talk or speech might be hard but what’s harder is actually walking the talk. So, are we walking our talk or just talk and talk and talk?