Ar-rahman, Ar-Rahim, Al-Karim

As far as I can remember, not once have I copied from somewhere else and pasted it on my blog. But it seems that this one is worth sharing so I wrote back the contents of a talk given by Maulana Tariq Jameel. I don’t really know if anyone ever reads from this blog anymore but I won’t lose a penny if I share this. So, for those who do read it I assure you it’ll be worth your while.

Listen to the words of The Qur’an. These are not my words; it is the prose of The Qur’an. فاين تذهبون؟  (Where are you going?)”.
There is such love in these words. It’s like when a mother becomes helpless or dejected due to her child going astray and she asks him, “What are you doing, O my beloved son?”  The words are “what are you doing?” but there is such pain of motherhood which is hidden inside these words or when a father becomes helpless or dejected and says, “What are you doing, O my beloved son?” there is such compassion of the father in these words because he knows what his son is doing will cause him harm in the future. At that point he becomes helpless and says, “What are you doing, O my beloved son?” “Where are you going?”

So, we can narrate the words but not the depth of the emotion which comes with it. That has no translation. There is no translation of emotions, instead they are felt. Due to Arabic not being our mother tongue, we don’t understand when Allah speaks to us and the intensity of His love that comes with it when he says: “يا ايهالانسان (O mankind)”. Not just for the Muslims but the love which Allah expresses to the 7 billion inhabitants of this world when he says, : “يا ايهالانسان (O mankind)” It is almost like Allah has come upon the earth and goes to each individual shaking him and saying, “What are you doing?” “يا ايها الانسان ماغرك بربك الكريم (O My creation, I am your Lord, why have you left Me?”

It’s normal in the west for children to abandon their parents but in our areas it is less. When it does happen the parents say “Why are you going?” the pain which is hidden in that ‘why’, “Where are you going?” the pain hidden in that sentence, “What are you doing?” the pain hidden in those words, that is of a mother and father. If we use this analogy with Allah, all the while understanding that Allah’s love is infinite and then try to understand the verse, “يا ايها الانسان ماغرك بربك الكريم (O My creation, I am your Lord, why have you left Me? Who has deceived you?” I am your Lord, I am your Lord. Who has deceived you? Why have you left Me? “الذى خلقك فسواك فعدلك (I created you, proportioned you, and balanced you)”

Look at your appearance in the mirror and see how I have created you. Can I wrong you? A mother does not wrong her child even though she is just a medium for the baby before the baby is delivered, yet Allah have created you with His hands, can he wrong you?

If Allah stops you from something then there is some wisdom behind it and if Allah tells you to do something then there is benefit in it for you. Allah says, “فاين تذهبون؟  (Where are you going?)”. By leaving Allah can one find shelter anywhere else? Allah says, “ففروا الى الله (Come towards Me)”.