Keep Calm and Control Your Emotions

When I was a kid, I once watched a TV drama which I can’t remember the title of that drama now. It was about a robot that had feelings, emotions, sense of humour and sensitivity. Of course that story was fictional because unlike humans, robots don’t have feelings.

Yes, feelings. Emotions as in sense of humour, sense of pain, tears of joy and so on. Some people may act like they don’t care if people make fun of them, tease them or hurt them emotionally. But when the threshold has been reached, even the quietest of people could explode louder than a volcano.

Because that’s what human are. We were born with emotions. It’s part of our nature to react to certain stimulus. To cry when we’re sad, to get angry when we’re mad, to laugh when we’re happy.  If the stimulus isn’t strong enough, we have the capability to keep our emotions to ourselves. When we’re in a normal state of emotions, it’s easy to be giving advices to others. Try telling the poor to be grateful, or telling a son, who just lost his father, not to cry, or telling someone not to be angry when they’re being laughed at.  So, unless we’ve been through what others have then we have no right to judge or blame them. Look at ourselves in the mirror and stop pointing fingers.

Numbers of reported suicide is increasing by day. The cause: depression, frustration, lost of hope, all are emotionally related. It’s all because we weren’t trained to face such kind of tests or problems. We’re drowned in an easy life such that even the slightest of problems could make us feel like we just fell from a 100-storey building. We have a weak heart to bear those problems. The inability to accept what has been written for us millions of years before we were born is what’s causing these mental depressions. We can try, we can plan but we can never escape from what has been planned for us.

Emotions are the difference between us and animals. But there’s also another difference between us and animals: the ability to think. To think the results of our actions before we react to certain stimulus. To think before making any decisions when we’re angry or making promises when we’re happy or any kind of actions that will make us look like a fool. A strong person is someone who can control his emotions in time of tests.  It’s easy to cry when we’re sad, to shout out someone when we’re angry and to blame everything on fate and destiny.

The ability to control one’s emotions is a good measure of how strong he is. Not expressing our emotions doesn’t make us less human. It just makes us less dependent. Plus, showing our emotions to others frequently means showing our own weaknesses to them. How many people would want to be friends with a high-tempered or an annoyingly-sensitive person? How can people place their trust on us if we ourselves are incapable of controlling our own emotions?

2 echoes:

how to control our emotion?


to control our emotions we must have a strong heart.

Ingatlah, hanya dengan mengingati Allah hati akan menjadi tenteram." Surah ar-Ra'd, ayat 28

When the heart is strong,

"Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya:Ketahuilah bahawa dalam jasad manusia ada seketul daging (segumpal darah), jika baik maka baiklah seluruh anggota dan jika rosak maka rosaklah seluruh anggota, itulah hati." (HR Bukhari dan Muslim)